The Cortico Plug-in is open source software under the GPL V3. You are not required to be a Cortico customer to use it, and the interactions with Oscar can be complicated, so you use it at your own risk. If you modify the source code, you are required by the licence to publish your changes to the community.


For Firefox - Click here to download the Firefox plug-in. Firefox will ask you to install it so click "Add to Firefox", and you're off to the races.







For Chrome - Click here to download the Chrome extension. Chrome will ask you to install it so click "Add to Chrome", and you're off to the races.





The Cortico Plug-in lets you do the following:

  Below is the video walk-through, click the pop-out icon to access the original file and update the quality to 1080HD from the Settings. 

  • Open video calls directly from Oscar EMR (blue "Cortico Video Call" button when the Resources is "virtual").


  • The "Resources" field is a drop-down menu so you can quickly select the appointment type (see here for more info on appointment types). If you would like to turn the Resources field back to a text box, you can check the "Text field" on the right.

  • Automate health card validation checking in one click. Open the Cortico sidebar by clicking the blue "Cortico" button at the top, enter your clinic name, save, and "Check Eligibility". Eligible health cards will have a + symbol on the appointment and ineligible health cards will be listed (see below). Please note: This function only works if you have a teleplan set up ("Check eligibility" button on patient records).


  • Pharmacy syncing with the patient's Rx page. In the Cortico sidebar (see above), save your clinic name and click "Set preferred pharmacies". This will scan through your the appointments on your page and patients who have chosen a pharmacy when booking through Cortico will have their chosen pharmacy set on their Rx page in Oscar.

  • Send a recall email to a patient indicating that there is a follow-up appointment booked for them. In the Cortico sidebar (see above), set the appointment status you want to use to check for recalls, and Save. Appointments with the saved status will have a blue "Recall email" button. Clicking it will open an email template to send to the patient regarding the appointment.

  • Email patient button will appear at the bottom of all e-forms. A mailto will open with the patient's email address inputted when you click the button. You can attach the e-form and email it directly to the patient.

  • Appointment menu that links to the Cortico portal page and the appointment in the Cortico provider schedule. It also displays the patient's contact information (email, home #, cell #).

  • Prevent Oscar's automated refresh when you are working, which can result in lost work.