To set-up the payment feature for your booking site, follow these steps:

1. First create a Square account with this link. Once your account is created, keep your square page open and signed in.

If you have already created a Square account, login to Square and then proceed to step 2. 

***Please note: Use your clinic's bank account to set up your Square account, not individual doctor's personal account***

2. Log into Cortico with your Cortico username and password (e.g


3. Go to the onboarding page by adding “/square/onboarding” to the URL (e.g.


4. You will be redirected to a new page. Click on the link to proceed. 


5. Next, you will be taken to Square’s website where you will be asked to grant Cortico permission to process payments for you.


6. After granting the permission, wait for the system to complete the onboarding process. You will know if the onboarding process is successful if you see this prompt on the screen “SQUARE TOKENS SUCCESSFULLY REGISTERED.“


7. You have completed the set-up for Square. Please contact to confirm you have completed the above steps.


You can learn more about the different payment features Cortico offers in Payment Features.

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