1.  Add a voicemail that directs all patients to book online on your website. 

The first thing your voicemail should say is

"The fastest way to book an appointment with our doctors is on our website, [medicalclinic.website.com]."

If you do not have a website, you can direct your patients to book an appointment at your Cortico booking website (clinicname.cortico.ca).
If you have a website, please direct patients to your website and see Step 2 below. 

2. Add the booking link on your clinic website:

Please forward these links to your web developer:

Link 1: Patients book with their Family Doctor 

Link 2: (Only for walk-in clinics) Patients book a walk-in appointment with a specific doctor/ 1st available doctor

Link 3: The cancellation/confirmation link

  • <a href="https://clinicname.cortico.ca/get-patient-appointment-lookup-url/"> Cancel/Review appointments</a>

Note: If you want to show the number of patients waiting on your clinic’s existing website, please see Queue Management from our Common Knowledge.  

3. Add an auto-response to your email:
Date: [today's date]  - (no end date)
Subject: Please note

"We have received your message and will respond in x business hours. Please dial 9-11 for an emergency. For appointment bookings, please use our website [clinic website]/ clinicname.cortico.ca. Please never send medical information over email. We will not respond and will ask you to make an appointment.
Thank you,
[Clinic Name] Staff
Book an appointment: [clinic website]/ clinicname.cortico.ca "

Appointments are not arranged by email. To look up, book, cancel or reschedule an appointment, please visit [website link that has options to book/cancel appt] or call our office at [clinic phone number] during regular office hours.

Email reminders are sent 48 hours prior to your appointment to provide you with some time to cancel your appointment online.  Canceling within 24 hours of your appointment cannot be done online, please call the office if needed. 

If you require immediate assistance, or if your condition appears serious or rapidly worsens, you should not rely on email or electronic communication.  Rather, you should call the office or take other measures as appropriate, such as going to the nearest Emergency Department or urgent care clinic.

If you have a medical emergency call 9-1-1 immediately.

If you need to speak with a nurse, please call 8-1-1 for interim advice.   

Instructions - For Gmail
Instructions - For Outlook
Instructions - For G Suite

4. Analytics: How do we launch your booking system? 
We record the number of bookings up to at least 5000 appointments, including bookings per week and day. Our system also monitors the conversion rate per booking step, so on your first and second launching week, we will keep an eye on that to see which step of the booking process your patients have the most problem with and fix it to make sure the transition is smooth until you're fully deployed.

We also have a poster and touchpads design available for clinics. You can request a copy from us and send them to your local print shop.

Booking poster - Sample: 

... and that's the end of our onboarding journey. We hope you enjoy our product and, as always, do not hesitate to let us know if you have any ideas or questions!

Our sincere wishes, 

--- Cortico Team ---