Cortico requires access to your EMR. We recommend that you create a new administrator account for Cortico to use. Cortico will only access your Avaros Demographics API and Appointment API, but our Support Representative may also use the credentials to troubleshoot any problems you report. We take great care to ensure any patient information remains private.

Once your EMR is connected, your booking link will be made available so patients can seamlessly book online using Cortico’s optimized booking process!

1.1.1 Create the Cortico user in Avaros

  1. Add "Cortico" as a doctor in Administration > User Management > Add a Provider Record
  2. Assign the user to all locations by checking those off in the provider record.
  3. Create a "Cortico" login in Administration > User Management > Add a Login Record
  4. Assign the “doctor” and “admin” roles for the "Cortico" doctor in Administration > User Management > Assign Role to Provider by selecting “doctor” in the dropdown and clicking “Add” on the right, then doing the same for "admin".

1.1.2 We need to get the direct IP address for your Avaros instance 

Contact Avaros Support :


We are trying to set up the integration with Cortico. Can you please enable the REST module and provide the direct IP address for my Avaros instance to connect. Thank you!"


Provide the Cortico password and PIN to .  The Cortico team will configure the rest of the integration.


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