The billing system we use allows us to set up recurring payments for you for the monthly SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) fee.

For your convenience, the system will automatically bill your credit card for the amount indicated in our contract (+ GST) and your total charges will appear on your monthly credit card statement. You may cancel this automatic billing authorization at any time by contacting us. 

As complying with Visa and Master Card guidelines, please fill in the Authorization form in the following link and forward it to
Download authorization form.


  • How do we calculate and invoice FTEs?
    We only charge for doctors who are bookable via Cortico (and Oscar, by extension). For email reminders and Cortico related task features, the provider is billed at a fixed rate of $40/month.

    For our calculations, an FTE is someone with at least 20 hours of appointments per week in Oscar itself. Any provider who is below 20 hours a week is considered a "half FTE", and is only billable at half rate.

    If a doctor leaves the clinic, or a new doctor joins, we update the FTE count and billing accordingly. We do not charge for substitute providers, students, residents, etc, as long as they work the same amount as the regular provider is unavailable. 
  • We do normally charge for vacation time because this cancels out with substitute providers. We know Cortico saves 5x to 10x times its cost in MOA time, so we don't see the need to be exact every month on FTE count. The FTE count is done based on the mutual agreement of both parties, based on what we can both see in Oscar, and based on the appointment hours per week. We find that customers have been fair and found us to be fair about this so far.

  • You absolutely get a risk-free 3-month satisfaction guarantee as per the Cortico services agreement. It's not the same as a free trial, because if you keep the product this period is paid for and refund only if not satisfied. As always, please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist.

  • The invoice date is the day after your onboarding meeting. 

  • Training or customization hours will be billed upon your approval, therefore, it is not set up as a recurring payment. 
    Training session: $100/hour 
    Customization: $100-200/hour (dev time), require an approved quote
    Workflow consultation session: $125/hour, initial appointment is normally 30 minutes.


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