HERE is the onboarding video that captures our onboarding process in 3 minutes.

Start Simple with Cortico

The most important thing (top of the list) is to try Cortico with a simple workflow (family or walk-in) first. The product is really easy to understand and we will be speaking the same language. And, it's very reasurring for both our team and yours to see the bookings flowing in so effortlessly. We had one clinic who was getting patients booked within 2 hours. Some clinics say their workflows are too complex or unique, but it's still a huge benefit to test a simple workflow first. Correspondingly, the biggest problem clinics have is trying to customize or plan Cortico too much before trying it

Help Patients Find Cortico

Patients need to find your online booking, and it should be your preferred option on your website. The most visible button should be 'book online' and heaven forbid, not your phone number. You should also make sure to start your clinic's phone service with instructions to book online, 'the fastest way to book is go to'. The second biggest problem clinics run into, is not making it easiest for patients to find the online booking.

Start Using Email with Patients, Instead of the Phone

Lastly, you should shift from a phone workflow to an email workflow if you havn't already. Use a shared email address for your clinic. Patients are used to email (or will be soon) from using Cortico anyway so it's natural to email them for other things. This saves a TON of time for MOAs, keeps a record of conversations for easy hand-off between shifts. Instead of a full time job answering calls all day, you'll spend half an hour or less on email, twice a day.