Before beginning, you will need the following:

Your Cortico Clinic Url (ie, As well as the login information for the terminal
(username + password)

The following setup is the initial setup that prepares the Ipad for use as a Cortico Terminal.

  1. Go to the app store and install the ‘Kiosk - fullscreen browser’ app, it should be free.
  2. Now, go to the Settings -> Accessibility -> Guided Access, and enable this. Then set the
    passcode, and in the settings, change the ‘Display Auto-Lock’ to ‘Never’.
  3. In the Settings app, near the bottom, there should be a special settings for the Kiosk app
    labelled ‘Kiosk’. In these settings, set the kiosk ‘Site’ setting to the clinics url (looks like ...) and also turn on the option ‘Limit to this site only’
  4. Open the Kiosk app and make sure the correct landing page shows up, try logging in using
    the credentials and see if it works.
  5. If the page loads to the wrong type of page, try closing the kiosk app and reopening it. To
    close the app, double press the home button, and some windows will pop up, then swipe up
    on the Kiosk app to close it. Then just click the shortcut to open it again.
  6. Test guided access mode by triple clicking the home button, it should make it so you are
    unable to exit the landing page
  7. Your IPad should now be working! To end guided access, triple click the home button, type in
    the password and click End.